“No show is either good or bad. It is either entertaining or boring.”

Juan Arnau Cabases –

What is the elrow Family?

Since 1870 and through 6 generations, the Arnau have only had one thing in mind, to entertain and make people have fun. Today, more than ever, this remains our mission in a new period for this long line of entertainers, under the name of elrow Family.

We want you to enjoy our shows and performances. Our overwhelming obsession is to never let our public down. Our driving goal is for you to have fun and a great time when you come. While we continue to do so, we can only say it is an honour for us to be here for you and make you a little bit happier.

You are also part of the show. So welcome to the elrow Family.


elrow, a unique way to understand clubbing

elrow stage

Stages in major venues and festivals


elrow wear, keeping fans looking great

elrow music

With so much music, of course we needed a Music Label!


Monegros Festival, extreme experiences in the desert


elrow, the birth of a musical concept


Florida 135, history and future


Ker, nomadic clubbing in evolution

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started What we do

16 September, 2016

elrow final ever closing party at Space Ibiza

6 September, 2016

elrow… More than just a party!

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6 September, 2016

elrow Music and Max Chapman reach #1 on Beatport

Max Chapman and elrow Music topped both Beatport’s Tech-House and Top 10 charts last Saturday with his track “Body Jack” (Get my swerve on). This is the first time that... Read More
31 August, 2016

ELLE Reviews: Elrow At Space Ibiza

By Charlotte Cox BOOM. Just as the beat drops, a confetti cannon turns the air red, yellow, pink, green. SPLAT. A crowdsurfing inflatable boat to the face. SWOOSH. There goes... Read More
31 August, 2016

De La Swing drops exclusive mix for Electric Zoo debut

For the last eleven years, Electric Zoo has been one of the East Coast’s flagship dance festivals. With a penchant for elaborate, animal-themed production and lineups that have always been... Read More